Apr. 3rd, 2010 12:49 pm
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Buenos d'ias! Well, I don't really know how to follow up from the previous post, I was so convinced and adamant I wouldn't go to Spain. Here I am, sat on my bed with the windows open and the sun shining into my room. It really is lovely here.

I have been in Valencia for 3 and a half weeks now, I can't believe it's almost been a month. So much has happened. I have met some great people, we go out and ride bikes, sunbathe, wine and dine, take part in botell'on. Botell'on is basically a night where students all meet up and have a drink and a chat. Great environment, but I think I prefer being inside, keeping warm, as at night it can get windy!

When I first got here, I was in a hotel for just short of a week, I then found somewhere to live. Never realised that it wouldn't be the place I'd stay for the whole 6 months in Spain. I found a place that was cheaper, more modern and just perfect, suits me down to the ground here. It's a new complex with swimming pools. A bit of luxury, living with people older than me, who are amazingly kind!
It was Conxa's birthday, the lady I live with,2 days ago. She's kindly offered me some of her birthday cake...I know exactly what I'm going to do after this blog update :).

Work is going good, the people are lovely and I am remembering Spanish,gradually.

I have to go write some of my Spanish essay for University. The deadline is very close!! The 12th of April. I have never left work so late, so I want to do it so my stomach doesn't get in knots.

Hope that things continue to go how they are going. Is it just me that thinks when everything's going so well something has to trip you up at some point to bring you back down to earth, instead of cloud 9!?

Anyway, on that note, I am going to eat some cake, make a cup of tea and crack on with this essay!!! I will update this blog tomorrow, easter Sunday and explain how far into the essay I am.

Have a good day, sure I will with this essay.


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