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Jamie Cullum's song: What a difference a day makes, has influenced me so much I want to write a post.

One of the lines from his song is: 24 little hours! That said, in less than 24 little hours I will be in Rimini with Roberto, and Carrie. I have a travel companion: Carrie!!! Best friend flying with me?? YES, and I feel great about it! Then, when we land in Rimini I will see my love (ML) and the three of us are going to stay the night in Rimini and go to Italia Miniatura, which is basically the same as the model village in London with mini Italian monuments instead of England ones. Looking forward to it as it was my suggestion, ML has been, so he can endure it with me... I will have my SLR, so very much looking forward to it!

We're also going camping with ML's friends! I will be in Italy until early September, it will be simply brilliant. Hope to keep you posted whilst I am there... if not more 24 little hours will pass, and I will write again upon arriving home.

Currently listening to Next Year, Baby by Jamie Cullum! It's getting me in the holiday mood :).

On that note, arrivederci!

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Date: 2011-08-03 09:12 pm (UTC)
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Yay, so glad to see apost from you.
I love those Jamie Cullum songs, actually love the whole album.
Have fun in Italy! Say hello to Carrie from me. xx


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